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Can Chiropractic Help Cure My Vertigo?

By Jonathan Cook

Vertigo and dizziness is a common condition presenting in patients, here at The House Clinics, Bristol. It can have many causes, but in most cases is a very treatable condition...

3 Reasons To Combine Chiropractic with Massage

By Jonathan Cook

Here at The House Clinics, we often use massage therapy to compliment our Chiropractic treatment. Here's why...

Exercise and Mental Wellbeing - Whats the Link?

By Dan Lambourne

Do you remember the age-old adage, “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind?" Well there may have been some truth in that after all…

7 Exercises To Ease Back Pain & Increase Mobility

By Jonathan Cook

Experiencing back pain? The following exercises can help to restore movement, provide muscular support of your back and help improve your posture.

Severs Disease - What can I do for my Child?

By Jonathan Cook

It can be distressing for both your child and you, when Severs Disease stops them doing the sports they enjoy. Read on for expert advice on how to help them recover and get back to sport...

The 3 Biggest Mistakes We Make Sitting at Our Desk

By Jonathan Cook

Our backs were not designed to withstand long hours sitting down at a desk. In this static sitting position, a huge amount of strain is put on the muscles around the lower back, causing tightness of the muscles and joints.

Ankle Sprains - Symptoms, Treatment & Recovery

By Dan Lambourne

A sprained ankle can be very painful for some time and become a reoccurring problem if you don't seek the right treatment from the start...

Flat feet in children - To worry or not to worry??

By Sophie Stockdale

Here at The House Clinics Bristol we have started to see in increase in patients that are suffering with problems arising from flat feet...

New Mum Tips - Posture, Back Care & Wellbeing

By Chris Julian

Many mums (and dads!) find the demands of looking after a little person puts strain on their bodies. From breastfeeding to lifting and carrying a small toddler, it's important to protect your back and posture and stay fit and well...

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