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What is Chiropractic?
Female receiving chiropractic treatment on back

Chiropractors – place its emphasis on the medical history, examination and the diagnosis and treatment of physical painful conditions due to poor mechanical working of any joint of the spine or limbs and injury to the associated ligaments or muscles.

It is often thought that Chiropractors only provide treatment for backs  and necks, however the training of a chiropractor is extensive enabling us to  provide treatment for the whole body, with shoulder, hip and knee conditions being the most common problems.

What we can help with

The upper limb, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand or lower limb hip, knee, ankle and foot; their joint structures, ligaments and muscles can sustain injury which will inevitably lead to pain and reduced movement.

In the case of the spine neck or back, sprained vertebral joints and discs lesions can have the effect of trapping a nerve causing pins and needles and pain in the arms and legs like sciatica.

Chiropractic approved by NICE guidelines [National Institute of Clinical Excellence].

Lower back and leg pain

Neck and arm pain

Joint pains shoulder elbow knee

Headaches and migraine

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What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractors use a variety of manual and physical techniques to restore the movement of your spinal joints, improve how the vertebra and discs function and release nerves that may be ‘trapped’. Trapped nerves not only cause pain locally, but can also refer it from the neck to the arm and shoulder or from the back to the buttock and legs. remove the strain on ligaments, relieve muscle.Specialised treatment of sciatica low back leg pain flexion distraction technique.See information disc treatment.

As a chiropractor, we are also trained using mobilisation and soft tissue methods to help the joints of the upper and lower extremity, shoulder and elbow or hip and knee, for example which often have associated ligament or muscle damage and restricted joint movement which will lead to pain, early ‘wear and tear’ and osteoarthritis.

How does Chiropractic help you?

Manual therapy mobilisation , manipulation and traction to stretch the joint capsule ligaments and muscles making the joint more pliable reducing muscle spasm whilst increasing joint movement, indoing so reducing  pain and inflammation, relieving the pressure on nerves.

The House Clinics Rapid Recovery Treatment Programme

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

 Four Phases: –
PHASE 1 RELIEVE ACUTE PAIN – Consists of diagnosis and identifying the cause of the problem commencing appropriate treatment, advising on managing pain and posture during activities on daily living.
PHASE 2 REMODELLING – Movement restores and the tissues are healing and remodelling whilst joint mobility is maintained and soft tissues heal through cellular changes activities.
PHASE 3 STABILISATION – Graded exercise programme is prescribed to strengthen stretch stabilise and coordinate movement.
PHASE 4 MAINTENANCE – Regular check-ups per monthly or quarterly – pending the severity of injury, joint status, age and the occupational stresses sometimes a maintenance care package is recommended.

Back and leg pain


Neck and arm pain


Whiplash injuries

Prices for Chiropractic Services


Initial Consultation (30 mins):
Initial Consultation & Treatment (45 mins):


One areas two X-rays:
Two areas four x- rays:

Frequently asked questions

What happens on your first visit to one of our clinics?
We will examine you, diagnose your problem, explain what is wrong and prescribe a treatment  plan. We prefer to commence treatment the same day.


What is the chiropractic ‘click’?
The chiropractic manipulative ‘adjustment’ is made to restore normal joint movement. It is often accompanied with the sound of an audible release of the joint. This is due to the joint capsule straightening out when the joint surfaces separate and then release.  This is one of the treatment methods used to help relieve painful joints. The treatment improves overall joint function, reduces inflammation and muscle spasm thereby relieving any aches and pains.
What exercises should I do?
An exercise rehabilitation programme will be designed specifically for you and your condition to achieve the maximum benefit from your treatment and help prevent reoccurrence of your pain by strengthening and providing stability for your problem area. (see Rehabilitation Exercise for more details)
How often should see a chiropractor?

You will be prescribed a course of treatment, which will maximise your improvement at your initial visit, with frequent sessions to start tapering off to check up (maintenance) appointment if required.


Is chiropractic treatment safe?
Chiropractic is remarkably safe when treatment is carried out by a properly qualified chiropractor. Your chiropractor is trained to recognise conditions which require referral elsewhere, and can treat you even after surgery.



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