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Neck Pain Relief: Causes and Treatment Options


Recommended Treatment: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy


Neck Pain is a very common problem and most people will experience an episode at some point in their life. But when a painful or stiff neck becomes a persistent or daily occurrence, it really does become a 'Pain in the Neck!'  It can significantly impact your daily activities and stop you from doing the things you enjoy. So finding relief from neck pain is a common goal for many of our patients.

You may experience neck discomfort along with other symptoms such as shoulder or arm pain, or with accompanying headaches. It can come on suddenly after a trauma like a car accident or fall, or it may develop gradually and be more associated with poor posture or certain activities that cause neck strain.

Taking over-the-counter medications can help in the short term, but it is far better to address the root cause of your neck pain.  Here at The House Clinics, Bristol, our team of specialist Chiropractors, Physiotherapistsand Massage Therapists are expertly trained in the treatment of neck pain and whiplash injury. 


Neck Pain and Stifness, Causes and treatment options, The House Clinics Chiropractors, Bristol


Common Types of Neck Pain: Causes and Symptoms


It is important to know what may be the underlying cause of your neck pain so that it can be treated correctly.


  1. Simple or Mechanical Neck pain - This is by far the most common type of neck pain and is caused by muscle tension and resulting joint stiffness. Tight muscles in the neck may develop due to stress, shoulder tension, and poor posture. Any activities that lead to an alteration in the normal biomechanics of the neck can cause joint and soft tissue strain; such as sleeping in a bad position, sitting at a desk, using handheld devices, doing sit-ups, or painting a ceiling! Headaches are often a common side effect of this type of neck pain.

  2. Osteoarthritis - As we get older, wear and tear may contribute to neck pain. The shock-absorbing pads between the bones of the neck (known as intervertebral discs) can narrow with age and this can cause stiffness, pain and make it difficult to move.

  3. Trauma or Whiplash Injury - Neck pain may follow after a sports injury, fall, or road traffic accident. Whiplash is the common term given to a neck injury where the head is thrust quickly forwards and then backward. This motion can cause damage to the joints and muscle tissue in the neck, resulting in neck pain, stiffness, and a reduced range of neck motion.

  4. Trapped or Compressed Nerves - This is less common than simple or mechanical neck pain, but sometimes the nerves in the neck can become trapped, compressed, or irritated. This can happen due to damaged discs or wear and tear and can lead to pain spreading to the shoulder and arm. Other symptoms can include pins and needles, tingling, numbness, and weakness in all or part of the arm or hand.


Although it can be very painful, neck pain rarely has a serious underlying cause. Seeing a qualified health professional, such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist, can help treat neck pain, and also prevent it from returning through postural and lifestyle advice given in your treatment session.


Chiropractic treatment for Neck Pain, The House Clinics, Bristol


Chiropractic or Physiotherapy For Neck Pain


Chiropractors and Physiotherapists specialise in assessing, diagnosing, and managing conditions of the spine and neck. They are highly trained in finding the cause of this pain. Before starting treatment, your practitioner will undertake a full assessment. This will involve taking details about your condition, current health and medical history, and performing a physical examination. Sometimes it may be necessary to refer you for other tests, such as X-rays or MRI scans. 

Before starting treatment, our practitioners will explain what is wrong, what can be done, and what can be expected from chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment.

At The House Clinics, we also believe that Massage Therapy can work hand-hand with chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment to speed your recovery to full health. We may recommend massage therapy as part of your treatment programme to relieve neck pain.


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As a multidisciplinary practice, The House Clinics are able to combine the expertise of our Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Podiatry and Chiropody practitioners to offer a unique and exceptional service to our clients. Please speak to your practitioner if you have any queries about other services we offer.

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