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Helen's Story

Lower Back Pain

My sincere praise & heartfelt thanks go to The House Clinics. 

Having endured extremely painful lower back pain for some months, the culprit of countless miserable sleepless nights, I awoke one morning, readily accepting my Partner's suggestion, that the time had finally arrived to seek help.

In excruciating pain and finding myself trying to 'manoeuvre' myself out of bed, rather than contacting my GP surgery and accepting an inevitable prescription for painkillers, I sought instead, to access the help of a Chiropractor.

Having no previous experience of Chiropractic care, my expectation was that this would hopefully identify the root cause of my pain, the appropriate treatment is applied and in so doing, my pain would subside to a manageable level.

From my initial contact with 'Redland House Clinic' and throughout my period of treatment, every aspect of my expectations was positively surpassed. I was greeted by friendly, approachable & knowledgeable staff, feeling completely at ease with this extremely welcoming clinic, which clearly places the well-being of its clients at its centre.

My particular & sincere thanks go to Jonathan Cook, the Chiropractor by whom I was treated. Jonathan's professionalism, knowledge, experience, care & treatment were excellent, surpassing all of my expectations. I am extremely happy to say that I am pain-free for the first time in months, waking refreshed after unbroken sleep and rediscovering the pleasure of long walks with our beautiful fox-red Labrador.

My hope now, is that in sharing this, others may also benefit from the excellent care that was my experience.

Sincere thanks to you Jonathan & all at 'The House Clinics'.

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Marek's Story

Back & Knee Pain

I'd had 40 Years of chronic back pain from top to bottom, sharp stabbing pain in the pelvis, severe back spasms, aching joints all over, and painful knees.

I'm an IT professional (working from home)... The House Clinics was recommended to me by a family member and the recommendation couldn't have been more positive, accurate and true.

During the initial friendly and relaxed consultation, Jonathon was straight in with the path to curing a persistent back problem dating back to a car accident 40 years earlier. Through this consultation (a chat and show and tell) he quickly uncovered the root cause being the accident (I was run over when 7 years old and came out at the back of the car-my fault), but also the remedial work done had caused a massive knock-on effect. Jonathon quickly went about addressing the issues in priority order and after a couple of sessions, the pelvis pain was resolved. Then onto the lower back and again fixing the issues and gradually working up the spine. I didn't help my recovery by deciding to stupidly take a tumble and crack my T9 and T10 Ribs in 5 places but once again, Jonathon to the rescue! With slow, steady and somewhat cautious sessions, he went about helping my recovery using Electro-Massage, a little bit of manipulation, but also some acupuncture which was the game changer as this sped up the recovery process massively.

Now we are on the Mid to Upper part of the back and nearly at the end of the journey, however, I have decided that regular sessions will be called for to ensure I stay on top of all the progress, effort and work put in by Jonathon.

I cannot recommend Jonathon enough. The man has the strongest hands and the warmest smile I have ever seen but caters wonderfully for both the high tolerance and more sensitive pain takers. If I can give you one bit of advice....If it hurts, it's likely not meant to. So pop in and get it checked. I suffered for 40 years and now within 10 weeks am now moving freely and have a new lease of life. Oh and sleeping at night is a huge bonus now I can sleep pain free! Fantastic from start to finish...Cannot recommend TheHouseClinics enough. A++ top of the class!

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Jane's Story

Calf Pain & Shin Splints

Over the last 18 months, I have been suffering from excessive lower leg pain.

It was suggested that I make an appointment to see the massage therapist, Daniel Lambourne. Daniel diagnosed calf pain and shin splints and immediately started on a programme of fortnightly treatments with a suggestion of exercises to do in-between visits. I cannot praise him highly enough. The massage therapy treatment, exercise regime, and advice have made such a big difference to my wellbeing.

I am still attending on a regular basis and have started to include back massage which has also been very beneficial.


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