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Welcome To Our Bristol Ear Health And Earwax Removal Clinic

A team of highly qualified ear health practitioners specialising in general ear health and the removal of earwax

Our accredited practitioners specialise in the removal of earwax using gold-standard Microsuction technology. During your appointment, your clinician will be able to examine your ears using a specialist camera to examine the inner ear. Excessive earwax is then gently and safely removed in a single 30-minute appointment.


Why Choose The House Clinics for Earwax Removal?

  • A team of accredited and qualified ear care practitioners
  • Gold-STANDARD Microsuction Technology
  • High-definition digital otoscopy camera system to video and photograph ear health
  • Wax removed with gentle microsuction in a single 30-minute appointment
  • All images are stored in a secure cloud to track ear health
  • Specialist clinical support through Audiologists and ENT Specialist Surgeons

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Your Guide To Our Microsuction Earwax Removal Service

How do I know if I need earwax removal?
How does our service work?
Pricing for earwax removal

Why should I have ear wax removal?

How do I know if I need earwax removal?

Earwax is a natural substance your body makes to help protect your delicate inner ear from dust, germs and irritation. So, earwax is a good thing and most people don't need to remove it.

However, for some people, earwax can become a problem when there is an excessive build-up or it gets stuck in the ear canal. 

Signs to look out for that may mean you have excessive earwax in one or both ears:

  • Hearing loss/muffled hearing
  • Blocked, Itching Ears
  • Earache
  • Odour or discharge in the ear
  • Ringing ears/ Tinnitus
  • Loss of balance, Dizziness

Excessive Ear Wax can cause a variety of troublesome symtpoms

It's really important to know that the above symptoms are actually caused by excessive ear wax build-up and not another underlying problem. This is when our service can be really helpful, as our clinicians are trained to detect other conditions and causes too. If they suspect you need another medical opinion, they will advise you and be able to refer you to your GP or an ENT specialist. 

People most commonly suffering from excessive earwax often include:

  • Wearers of hearing aids
  • Regular users of earphones
  • Regular use of earplugs  
  • Regular use of cotton buds to clean ears

If you're unsure whether you need earwax removal, you can come and see our team anyway. They will be able to check your overall ear health and advise you. We never remove earwax unless it is necessary.



How Does Our Earwax Removal Service Work?

Step 1 - Book an appointment by phone or online

We offer fast and easy access to our ear health check-up service, so you won't have to wait long to be seen. You can call us on  0117 9420200 to speak to one of our team. They will ask you some questions as part of the booking process to ensure this treatment is the right option for you.

You can also book an appointment online.

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Step 2 - Start using olive or almond oil 5 days before your appointment

We will send you instructions asking you to apply olive or Earol oil into your ear canal on a daily basis for 5 days, prior to your appointment.

The oil will help to soften any wax in your ear and will increase the effectiveness of the microsuction procedure. You can buy this type of oil in most high street pharmacies.

The oil should be inserted into the ear canal using the supplied pipette, twice a day for 5 consecutive days. It's best to lie down horizontally when applying the oil and to remain lying down for 5 minutes while you massage it in. 

Step 3 - Your 30-minute appointment

Your appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Your practitioner will explain the process and ensure you are happy to proceed.

Your practitioner will use a special otoscopy camera to examine your ear before removing any excessive earwax. Pictures and video footage will be taken which can be useful for making comparisons in the future and demonstrating the effectiveness of your treatment (they can also be stored and sent on to your GP or an ear specialist if necessary).

Microsuction earwax removal is very gentle, and although it may feel a little odd, it is not painful.

Step 4 - What happens next?

In most cases, earwax removal is successful and you should feel immediate relief from any symptoms. 

In the event that not all earwax is removed successfully, you may be asked to book a follow-up appointment and to continue using ear oil for another 5 days before your return.

If your practitioner does not think you need earwax removal they will explain this to you. You won't be charged the fee for the full procedure (you will only have to pay for the consultation and examination).

If earwax is not the cause of your symptoms, your practitioner will advise you to see your GP or an ear specialist. As part of our service, we will write a letter to your GP and recommend your ears be checked for other causes of your symptoms. We can also supply images or camera footage which may be helpful to another ear health specialist when reviewing your case.


Microsuction earwax removal in Bristol


Pricing for earwax removal

Consultation, examination, and earwax removal - 2 Ears: £65 (two ears)

Consultation, examination, and earwax removal - 1 Ear: £55 (one ear)

Consultation, examination and no earwax removal:  £35 

Hearing Screening: £15


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