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What is Physiotherapy?
Lady receiving treatment, on upper body, from Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy – following the medical history, examination and the diagnosis the physiotherapist will explain the problem.

In general a physiotherapist treats physical painful conditions and injuries, helping to restore normal movement to any joint of the spine or limbs and repair associated ligaments, muscles and nerves.

Physiotherapy approved by NICE guidelines [National Institute of Clinical Excellence].

What we can help with

A Physiotherapist can improve and relieve a number of ailments, some of the more common issues we deal with every day are listed below. If you would like a consultation, get in touch, our physiotherapy professionals are waiting to help you. Pain in the upper limb, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand or lower limb hip, knee, ankle and foot; their joint structures, ligaments and muscles can  sustain injury which will inevitably lead to pain and reduced movement.

In the case of the spine neck or back, sprained vertebral joints and discs lesions can have the effect of trapping a nerve causing pins and needles and pain in the arms and legs like sciatica.

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Sports injuries

Repetitive strains

Tennis and golfers elbow

What does a physiotherapist do?

As a physiotherapist, we are trained anatomy, physiology and diagnosis.

We use postural analysis, mobilisation, soft tissue methods and exercise rehabilitation to help the joints of the upper and lower extremity, shoulder and elbow or hip and knee, which often have associated ligament or muscle damage, with restricted joint movement, which will lead to pain, early ‘wear and tear’ and osteoarthritis.

Physiotherapists use a variety of manual and physical techniques to restore the movement the joints and muscles.

The spinal joints we use specific methods like the McKenzie or Maitland techniques and core strengthening to improve how the vertebra / discs function and release nerves that may be ‘trapped’. Trapped nerves not only cause pain locally, but can also refer it from the neck to the arm and shoulder or from the back to the buttock and legs, remove the strain on ligaments and relieve muscle.

Manual soft tissue treatment are also used alongside acupuncture ,ultrsound laser and kinesio-taping.

How can physiotherapist help me?

Manual therapy mobilisation and manipulation stretch the joint capsule ligaments and muscles making the joint more pliable reducing muscle spasm whilst increasing joint movement and in doing so relieve pain and inflammation. Exercises stabilise and increase over all movement.

Manual therapy mobilisation and manipulation stretch the joint capsule ligaments and muscles making the joint more pliable reducing muscle spasm whilst increasing joint movement and in doing so relieve pain and inflammation.

The House Clinics Rapid Recovery Treatment Programme

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

 Four Phases: –
PHASE 1 RELIEVE ACUTE PAIN – Consists of diagnosis and identifying the cause of the problem commencing appropriate treatment, advising on managing pain and posture during activities on daily living.
PHASE 2 REMODELLING – Movement restores and the tissues are healing and remodelling whilst joint mobility is maintained and soft tissues heal through cellular changes activities.
PHASE 3 STABILISATION – Graded exercise programme is prescribed to strengthen stretch stabilise and coordinate movement.
PHASE 4 MAINTENANCE – Regular check-ups per monthly or quarterly – pending the severity of injury, joint status, age and the occupational stresses sometimes a maintenance care package is recommended.

Prices for Physiotherapy Services


Initial Consultation (30 mins):
Initial Consultation & Treatment (45 mins):

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are trained and qualified to improve your condition and health benefits.

How can we help you?

We specialise in the area of graded exercise programmes designed specifically for the needs of your condition.  These are directed towards a specific goal that you as the patient has in mind.  This can range from providing relief of pain, preventative exercises or supporting an athlete returning to sport.


Sports injuries


Back and leg pain


Neck and arm pain


Shoulder pain


Tennis and golfers elbow


Repetitive strains of the wrist


Repetitive strains of the Hand


Groin strain


Hip pain


Knee pains


Whiplash injuries


Recurring headaches

Physiotherapy in Bristol

If you are looking for a Bristol physiotherapist then you have come to the right place, here at The House Clinics we have a team of fully qualified therapists who specialise in all forms of physiotherapy in our Redland and City Centre Clinics.


On arrival at the clinic you will be asked to register and also to complete a pain map incorporating questions about your condition. At your first visit, a full case history and examination of the painful and related areas will be performed.  A diagnosis is made and the cause of the problem identified and explained to you fully.  The treatment plan designed specifically for your condition will then also be discussed.

All examination results will be recorded and given to you to take away in a ‘Report of Findings’.  We will ask you what your treatment goals are and work with you towards achieving them.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor?

The main difference is that Chiropractors study for 5 years at University.  Physiotherapist training takes 3 years and with more clinical work within the NHS.  Chiropractors frequently make manipulations where a joint crack is heard.

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