3 Reasons To Combine Chiropractic with Massage

by Jonathan Cook



Why Chiropractic Treatment and Massage Therapy Go Hand in Hand


Here at The House Clinics, Bristol, we practice a team approach in caring for all our patients, and will often include complimentary massage therapy within a Chiropractic treatment. Although patients benefitting from this may see it as a goodwill gesture, there is a very good reason why we incorporate the two, always placing your health and wellbeing at the forefront.

Chiropractic focusses on rebalancing the alignment of the spine and restoring normal joint and nerve function in an effort to reduce pain, inflammation and improve joint mobility. Treatment often involves highly controlled procedures using minimal force and gentle pressure. Our patients often feel the benefits of treatment immediately.

Massage Therapy, meanwhile, is focussed on treating more topical muscle pain and tension. Using various manual techniques to relax the muscles, it is a great way to relieve inflamation and pain where the underlying issue may be a joint problem. It is of course, also highly beneficial for relaxation and general wellbeing too, and to combat muscle tension which is associated with stress.







3 Reasons To Combine Chiropractic Treatment with Massage

Chiropractic treatment is aimed at realligning the Musculoskeletal systemCommon symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders include pain, weakness, stiffness, joint noises, and decreased range of motion. Therefore, with our holistic approach to treatment at The House Clinics, Bristol, it makes complete sense to treat both joints and muscles at the same time.


  • Even a short spell of massage therapy BEFORE Chiropractic treatment can help to loosen the tight muscles around a joint, therefore making it easier for your Chiropractor to adjust that joint and resolve the underlying issue. When you experience a joint problem, the surrounding muscle tissue can often go into spasm. Here at the House Clinics, one of our trained massage therapists will work on the affected area before your Chiropractor treats you, if we think this will make chiropractic treatment more effective and comfortable for you.


  • In some cases, massage therapy is more beneficial AFTER your Chiropractic treatment, depending on the condition you present with. Massage therapy can safeguard the re-allignment of any joints that your Chiropractor has adjusted, enabling the joints to rest in their correct position and not spring back into the incorrect alignment because of tight muscle tissue surrounding that joint. Receiving a massage after a Chiropractic treatment can help reduce any inflammation around the treated joint and increase blood circulation and healing.


  • Our aim at The House Clinics is to take a holistic approach, looking after your physical needs as well as your general wellbeing. Massage therapy is well known to promote relaxation, stimulate blood circulation and healing, reduce stress and improve mood. It is always our aim to treat patients, make them better and do our utmost to make your visit to The House Clinics a pleasurable one.


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