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How can we help you?

chiropractic treatment in Bristol

Chiropractors use their hands to restore normal movement of restricted joints of the spine and limbs. Incorrect joint movement leads to increased strain resulting in injury to the joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves and this will inevitably lead to pain.

By restoring normal movement to your joints you remove the strain on ligaments, relieve muscle spasm, improve how the spinal discs function and release nerves that may be ‘trapped’. ‘Trapped’ nerves not only cause pain locally, but can also refer it from the neck to the arm and shoulder or from the back to the buttock and legs. Poor joint movement can lead to early ‘wear and tear’ and osteoarthritis.

Regular chiropractic check-up appointments will help to maintain your health.

What happens on your first visit to one of our clinics?

x-ray for back acheWe will examine you, diagnose your problem, explain what is wrong and prescribe a treatment  plan. We prefer to commence treatment the same day.

What is the chiropractic ‘click’?

The chiropractic manipulative ‘adjustment’ is made to restore normal joint movement. It is often accompanied with the sound of an audible release of the joint. This is due to the joint capsule straightening out when the joint surfaces separate and then release.  This is one of the treatment methods used to help relieve painful joints. The treatment improves overall joint function, reduces inflammation and muscle spasm thereby relieving any aches and pains.

What exercises should I do?

chiro rehabilitationAn exercise rehabilitation programme will be designed specifically for you and your condition to achieve the maximum benefit from your treatment and help prevent reoccurrence of your pain by strengthening and providing stability for your problem area. (see Rehabilitation Exercise for more details)

Maintenance care

Regular  monthly or three monthly chiropractic check-up appointments will help to maintain the movement of the joints and how the muscles and ligaments of these joints work.  This will help to avoid recurrent episodes of discomfort and stiffness.

Conditions that we most commonly provide treatment for

Back and leg pain / neck and arm pain / whiplash injuries / sports injuries / headaches and migraine / chest and rib pain / shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain / tennis / golfers elbow / wrist pain / RSI / back pain in pregnancy / hip, knee, ankle and foot pain, plus much more.

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We are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and British Chiropractic Association.


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