Sacro iliac joint /Pelvis

Symptoms and what is it?

Pain located over the base of the spine, hip bones or buttock is usually due to sacroiliac joint or pelvic joint being sprained ,commonly causes groin pain and or buttock muscle spasm.

 Hip Pain

Hip joint pain is felt in the groin or on the upper outside of the leg is often due to wear and tear of the hip joint ie an arthritic hip.

Groin Pain

Symptoms and what is it?

Pain located in the groin or inside of the upper thigh.

This is due to a strain of the muscles which close the legs together, known as the adductor muscles which provide stability to the pelvis and hips. The muscles are commonly injured when kicking a ball in soccer or stretching the inner thigh.


Hands on treatment to the adductor muscles.  Ultrasound and electrotherapy accompanied by a graded exercise programme to stretch and strengthen the adductor muscles. The mechanics of the pelvic joints (sacroiliac joints) are also evaluated.

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