What are the symptoms of Low Back Pain?

Back and muscular pain usually just above the belt line often with muscle spasm. Pain can be referred to the buttock and groin

What is low back pain?

The lower back has 5 vertebrae. Each bony vertebra is separated by a disc which acts as a spacer and shock absorber for the spine. One vertebra will move (articulate) with its neighbouring vertebra cushioned by the disc and through adjacent vertebral joints known as facet joints. The lower back is supported ligaments and muscles. The facet joints are situated at the back on either side of the spinal column, with the discs in between the vertebral bodies. The role of the facet joints is to allow movement and provide stability for the spine. Any or a combination of theses structures can be injured become irritated and inflamed resulting in Back Pain Facet Joint Syndrome Lumbago Chronic Back Pain 

Low Back /Leg Pain Slipped Prolapsed Disc

This occur when the inner central gel nucleus of the disc bulges through the wall of the disc

The discs are roughly circular and are composed of a gel like substance (nucleus pulposus) deep within the centre which is kept in position by very tough, concentric rings of fibrous ligamentous tissue
The nucleus pulposus gives the disc its shock absorbing qualities.

Strenuous activity that often includes a combination of bending, twisting and / or
lifting can cause the inner gel to bulge on to surrounding nerve roots.

This painful event is known as a disc prolapse (or herniation) or slipped disc

Nerve root pain (usually ‘sciatica’)
Nerve root pain is pain that occurs because a nerve coming from the spinal cord is pressed on (‘trapped’) by a prolapsed disc, or is irritated by the inflammation caused by the prolapsed disc.

If the nerve is irritated or trapped, pain, numbness, pins and needles can be felt in the leg  and sometimes in the calf or foot. The irritation or pressure on the nerve next to the spine may also cause pins and needles, numbness or weakness in part of a buttock, leg or foot. Often there may only be leg pain. The exact site and type of symptoms depends on which nerve is affected.

If you have low back /leg pain plus: problems with bowel and bladder function (usually unable to pass urine), numbness in the ‘saddle’ area (around the anus). This syndrome needs urgent treatment to preserve the nerves to the bladder and bowel from becoming permanently damaged. See a doctor immediately if you develop these

Chiropractic and Physio are effective in treating Low Back/Leg Pain

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