If you are looking for a rehabilitation gym in Bristol then you have come to the right place, here at The House Clinics we specialise in all forms of rehabilitation in our Bristol City Centre and Redland Clinics.

Exercising under the correct supervision is extremely important for rehabilitation, and our team of professionally trained physios and personal trainers will work with you to develop the exercise programme that’s right for you.

How can an exercise rehabilitation programme help me?

backmachineA specifically designed exercise rehabilitation programme helps to strengthen the muscles that support your body and keep your joints healthy.

Rehabilitation is an essential part of your treatment programme and your recovery.

The rehabilitation exercises are designed specifically for you and your condition and can be easily incorporate into your everyday life.

Rehabilitation Exercises help to speed your recovery and prevent reoccurrence of your condition.

Rehabilitation Exercises can help you to take control and get back to normal activities.  If you have a set back, you will know how you can help yourself.

How does it work?

neckmachineExercise rehabilitation helps to restore the function of your muscles and joints, improve posture and helps you to achieve your health goals.  The programme includes:

  • Core stability to improve joint stability
  • Strengthening to improve muscle strength
  • Stretching to improve flexibility
  • Balance Work (Proprioception) to improve balance and coordination of the muscles that control joints

Coordinated muscle contraction reactivates weakened muscles that have been inhibited due to painful joints and relaxes muscles that have been over-used due to weakened core muscles.

Research studying the management of back and neck pain shows the importance of using exercises in combination with manual therapy. Rehabilitation exercise reduces severity of pain and rate and duration of any reoccurrence. With this in mind, our rehabilitation specialist will design an individual program for you.

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