Victoria John

(BSc) Hons, HCPC , PGDip Podiatric Surgery

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Victoria John

(BSc) Hons, HCPC , PGDip Podiatric Surgery

Podiatrist & Chiropodist


  • Podiatrist and Chiropodist (BSc) Hons
  • PGDip Podiatric Surgery (2008)
  • HCPC  Registered
  • Member of The Royal College of Podiatry

Victoria Specialises in the following conditions:


  • Biomechanical Foot Pain
  • Ankle injuries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Flat Feet
  • Arthritic pain
  • Bunions, calluses, and corns
  • Fungal Infections/Athlete’s foot
  • Nail Infections
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Ingrowing Toenails
  • Nail Surgery
  • Verrucae Treatment


Victoria also has a special interest in running and injury rehabilitation. 

Victoria brings with her a wealth of experience in podiatry and biomechanics and uses her skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide excellent patient care and education.

I am a podiatrist with 26 years of post-graduate experience. I have worked as a trainee foot surgeon (PGC Pod Surg GCAL 2008), the NHS as a clinical mentor, wound care specialist, surgical assistant, anesthetist, and the Military (Aldershot, Portsmouth, and Tidworth RRUs) as a rehab specialist.

My interests are in injury rehabilitation without surgery or steroids, using a technique called Functional Movement Systems, Biomechanics and running reeducation as well as nail surgery and verruca treatment. I am also a British Weight Lifting instructor and @FRA practitioner

Also, I am a keen snowboarder, paddleboarder, climber, and weight lifter and love the outdoors. Also a diehard Bristol Bears Fan!