Maggie Mugglestone

MSc (Honours) Physiotherapy and Sports Massage

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Maggie Mugglestone

MSc (Honours) Physiotherapy and Sports Massage





Master Degree (MSc) qualified in 2010 - Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Therapist 

· Profile: Pedagogic and Physiotherapy

· Dissertation: Rehabilitation of individuals with multiple sclerosis


Post Degree Qualifications:


· Pregnancy and postnatal therapist (all 3 semesters)

· Expert in neck treatment

· MSK Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling

· Kinesio taping

· Advanced Training in soft tissue mobilisation and trigger points


Registered with the following professional bodies:


Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy -  reg no: 98212

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council  - reg no PH107766



Maggie specialises in the treatment of the following conditions:


· Biomechanical problems
· Tennis elbow and golf elbow
· Frozen shoulder
· Carpal tunnel syndrome
· Arthritic conditions
· Neck pain e.g whiplash
· Headaches and migraines
· Neurological conditions e.g sciatica, SM
· Injury, surgery, and illness rehabilitation
· Joint, muscles and tendon pain e.g SIJ, RSI, jaw pain
· Fibromyalgia
· Sport injuries
· Pregnancy and postnatal physio


Physiotherapy Services at The House Clinics, Bristol


Maggie regularly updates her CPD to improve her physiotherapy skills. She has worked in private and hospital environments. Patient care and consideration are of utmost importance to Maggie. She has a wide experience of treating upper and lower limb conditions such as knee pain, hamstring problems, and Achilles tendonitis. She is excellent at treating children and adolescents with musculoskeletal conditions.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her 2 daughters and travel. She also enjoys going out with friends.