We publish a wealth of helpful information and news on our blog.

We publish a wealth of information on our news blog.  If you need more information regarding how you can improve your health and wellbeing, use the tag words below to find a news article that you are interested in.  If you feel it would be also helpful to other, feel free to share the news article to your social media using our share buttons at the end of each article.

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Ingrown Toenails

By Sophie Stockdale
An ingrown toenail is one where the edge or corner of your nail grows down and cuts into the adjacent skin of your toe

Running with Grumpy Tendons

By Mike Mackay
Do you ever wonder why you wake in the morning and struggle to put your heel to the ground?

Am i too old to run???

By Dan Lambourne
Now don’t get me wrong as we get older I’m sure we would all agree that we start to feel more aches and pains as well as taking longer to heal and recuperate compared to when we were in our twenties

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